How to Download Paid Android Apps for Free in 2022

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Hello Guys! Today’s article is for those users who Often use the premium service of the play store if you also use some paid apps of the play store, So here today I am going to share a trick with You about How to Download Paid Android Apps for Free in 2022?

Yes, I know Money provides better services than free and that is why you will find such premium apps somewhere on the Play Store, By purchasing that app, you can explore all its premium features.

So if you often buy great apps from the Play Store for a lot of money, then you don’t need to do that now! If you want to know this interesting trick on how you can download paid Android apps for free, then read this article till the end!

Before knowing how to download paid apps, let me tell you that to download some paid apps, still you have to pay for their licenses.

But you will be able to download and access many premium apps for free! So are you ready for this interesting topic? If yes then let’s start !!

How to Download Paid Android Apps for Free?

Friends, first you have to install this application named Aptoid on your smartphone.

Let me tell you that with the help of this app you can install many premium apps of Play Store for free, for the first time. I used this app when I had to give ₹370 in Play Store to download MX Player Pro. !

But looking to download the Mx Player app, I installed the Aptoid app and downloaded this paid app for free.

But Now Aptoid is not available on the Play Store in India.

So you have to go to its official website to download it! Which you can reach directly by clicking on the link given below!

After visiting this site, you download the Aptoid app!

Now to install this Android app, you have to enable unknown resources on your Smartphone

for that GO to settings > security > Enable unknown resources

After successfully installing this app Now Launch this app (if you find any problem while installing it then you can tell us your problem in the comments)

After opening the app You will see some special features of this app in slides. You can skip this step!

Now here you can see millions of apps of various categories, with the help of a search bar! you have to search any play stores premium apps

For example, if you download GTA vice city (gaming application) from the play store, then you have to give ₹121.

So let’s check it in Aptoid App to download this app for free

To do this, click on the search icon below in the Aptoide App! And type “GTA vice city” in the search bar! Now you will see this gaming application in the result, tap on it!

So guys, as you are seeing in the screenshot above, we can install GTA Vice City App for free through Aptoide App!

So, friends, you can install most of the Google Play Store Paid Apps for free. This Aptoide app.

Thus we learned how we can install any Paid Android app on our device for free, but at this time there are many such apps in the market, with the help of which you can download the paid apps for free.

so let’s talk about one of the best alternatives to the Aptoide app!

Alternative to Google Play Store for Download Paid Apps for free

Blackmart Alpha App

This is the best option to download Paid Apps for free, a specialty of this app is that the size of this app is very low and with this App, You do not need to register your account to install any Free apps.

This means that you can directly search any app and download the paid app for free.

Friends, when it comes to buying these free Android apps for free, I personally like Blackmart very much, so you can also try this application once.

So First, you have to click on the link below to Install Black Mart App on your smartphone! After visiting this website, you will see the download button here, Tap on it!

Now the Blackmart app will be downloaded on your smartphone.

Friends black mart app will be downloaded in a zip file. You will have to unzip this file after downloading it! And after that, you can install this app. After successfully installing, open this app on your smartphone!

And now the Paid application you want to install from the Play Store, search the app in the search bar.

So friends, just as you downloaded the paid apps for free with the help of the Aptoid app, you can install any paid app in the Blackmart app for free. 

But if you face any kind of problem using the Black Mart app, then you can ask us through the comment, we will also help you.

Which of these two methods did you like to download free apps for free? Share your thoughts in the comments! Also, if you have found this information useful, then do share it on social media too.


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