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Day R Premium MOD APK v1.808 (Mega Mod/100 Level unlocked)

Name Day R Premium
ID com.gm_shaber.dayrpremium
Publisher tltGames
Version 1.808
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Free Shopping
Size 158M
Requires Android 4.1+
Price FREE
Updated On June 15, 2024 (7 days ago)
Table of contents
  1. Features Of Day R Premium
    1. Game Story
    2. Enjoy the most intense survival experience by playing in-depth
    3. What are you able to do to ensure your survival?
    4. Enhance your character and develop his abilities.
    5. Interesting plot and interesting opening
    7. Experience the real-life immersive experience with interactive environments
    8. What’s been improved to the Premium version?
    10. Does Day R Premium require a lot of effort to play?
    11. Explore the endless possibilities of crafting tools
    13. If it’s this difficult, is it worth investing so much time in?
    14. Begin a thrilling adventure through the wide world
    16. Game modes
    18. Play online with excitement
    19. Audio and graphics
  2. What’s New in Recent Update:
    1. v1.808
  3. What Users Saying About Day R Premium
  4. Features Of Day R Premium Mod Apk
  5. How to Download, Install, and Use Day R Premium Mod Apk?
    1. Need Help?

If you are looking for Day R Premium Mod Apk or If you want the Hack Version of Day R Premium With MOD V1: Unlimited Money. then you are here at the right place, in this post we will share with you Day R Premium MOD APK v1.808 (Mega Mod/100 Level unlocked)

Guys Day R Premium is a Role-Playing android game made by tltGames that you can install on your android devices and enjoy! Benefits of Premium version: – 2,500 caps every new game. – “Disable ad” button. – Save anywhere. And so far it has been downloaded more than 100,000+ times. And it is available for both android and ios users.

Day R Premium is a gateway to a new world of terrors following a nuclear war. It’s a blessing to be alive. However, millions of other people aren’t as fortunate. In front of you are zombies, corpses, and so on. Your enemies, unfortunately in addition to hunger, contain monsters. Because they took advantage of the loopholes in time and space, they are now attacking here. Facing you four tanks are hazardous enemies.

Imagine that you are forced to live through the hardships of a post-apocalyptic future without a single thing to sustain you. In the ruins of the world, your family and friends are lost, afraid. Perhaps they have been the victims of the catastrophes. Learn more about this game by reading our reviews.

Features Of Day R Premium

Game Story

The game is set in a fictional future, in which the world was destroyed due to nuclear wars which explode out of the blue. Imagine you wake up and see the world around you is destroyed. There are no recollections of it, just faint memories. All that is on your mind is finding your children and your wife.

With nothing but uncertain prospects, you have to travel through the deserted areas and fight to survive the harshness of the post-apocalyptic age. But on the other side, your family members are in the wilderness, and nobody is to say if they managed to survive the attacks.

As the world is split in two, the lives of people on Earth are at risk from the deadly radiation and toxic virus that have caused numerous deaths. The likelihood that your family will survive isn’t that high but you’re determined to locate them.

You can keep yourself going by searching for food and items in abandoned shelters and structures. Make sure you have weapons available so that you’re prepared in the face of creatures and foes. Beat the terrible diseases, alleviate your appetite, and so on.

Explore the structures and facilities looking for items, and make use of your crafty abilities to make useful items. Create a variety of items including weapons, equipment, and even vehicles. You’ll soon realize that the knowledge you gained from chemistry, physics, and maths in high school might be useful.

Prepare to begin your journey across the vast landscape that was devastated by the USSR. Find out the truth behind the catastrophes and discover your forgotten memories.

Enjoy the most intense survival experience by playing in-depth

This is the very first time, Android gamers will get their opportunities to participate in this incredible survival game that is hardcore and hard-core. Get yourself immersed in the vast and perilous world. You can spend your time gathering and locating all the necessary things you need to sustain and equip yourself.

You’ll be amid all sorts of difficulties. From the hunger and cold of after-apocalyptic Russia to the dangerous and infected zombies that are constantly circling you. In addition, the dangerous radiations that are still around and could cause severe damage to your body. This isn’t a joke because you’ll often be unable to get your body moving.

What are you able to do to ensure your survival?

Don’t be concerned since the game comes with draft levels, as I’ve mentioned earlier. When you’re confident that you are, you can move up to more difficult game modes. Although it’s challenging, don’t lose hope. When you play Day R Premium, it’s possible to find many materials available that you can use on the road. Each time you come across the materials in question, your avatar will be in the state of “You are looking for them.” …”. The materials used can be used to construct weapons. The character also has a variety of unique abilities and the most extensive arsenal of ammunition. This man can create 1001 things by himself such as tools, weapons, medicine chemical experiments, to all sorts of machines. Very godly.

Enhance your character and develop his abilities.

Additionally, it is essential for players to be highly skilled in more than just the skills but also how you practice them. Therefore, if you’d like to improve your performance in this sport it’s essential to increase your proficiency by putting them into practice. Furthermore, you’ll require to master all the necessary skills required for survival in the wilderness.

Learn to become mechanics so that you can create amazing constructions or even a car to swiftly transport you to various destinations. You can become a blacksmith and learn how to create powerful tools and weapons to help you survive your journey. Finally, you can use the chemistry and physics knowledge you’ve acquired during the years of high school.

Interesting plot and interesting opening

Days R Premium events are like the Day R Survival game. It was Russia in 1985 in the exact moment that the nuclear war began. Russia at that time had been hit by dozens of nuclear bombs. A lot of people were exposed to radiation and were mutants, which is the most horrific zombies I’ve ever encountered in games for mobile devices. You’re one of the fortunate survivors. However, there are times when life is more difficult and brutal than death. To be able to endure any circumstance you must travel all over the place to find food, water, and other objects to build weapons to defend yourself, and fight constantly against various beasts and horrifying mutants that are out there.

Your objective is to not just fight and survive, but also to find the answer to the reason for this catastrophe (by you or in conjunction with your teammates in online games). In addition, you must bring together survivors and guide everyone on the way to bring back the status quo of Russia. First, you need to aid yourself in finding your memories and discover what transpired in your travels across Russia.

Day R Premium starts with a dark grayish-brown backdrop in which the drawings are made from sketches and sad music that has a lot of intrigue and danger. The main character is sitting on a bare road, with an aching body. He is the one who is unable to comprehend what happened. This is the place you are in. If you’re ready to stand up, press”Stand up” or the “Stand up” button. If you’re unable to hold your head with pain and are still looking around you can hit on the “Look around” button. The story unfolds in an open and well-constructed plot which makes the narrative exciting and thrilling.


Whatever the challenge is, you should not quit on this thrilling journey. When fighting illness and hunger or radiation. The objective is not just to protect yourself, but foremost, to save your family members. You don’t even know if your loved ones are in good health or not. In addition, in just two days your country is bombarded by violence and radiation… People who are not beaten by death are waiting for you to arrive with the most optimistic chance.

Experience the real-life immersive experience with interactive environments

With a huge environment with a variety of interactive elements, The creators of tltGames have transformed the game from being a simple survival game into an extremely exciting game of survival. In addition, players will be exposed to various elements like seasonal changes, huge maps that have hidden locations, deep environments, and much more.

With more than 2700 cities and towns to explore, You’ll be able to experience that vast Russian Empire in many ways. Be aware of the creatures around you, because, in this bleak environment, even the tiny animal could be a danger to your health.

What’s been improved to the Premium version?

In comparison to the previous game, Day R Premium has numerous modifications and new features. The idea is to provide the most convenience and fun to players as is possible.

In the first place, let’s talk about weapons. there are 2,500 fuses of explosives to choose from, and you only must collect and keep the fuses. The map is also more clear and sharper than it was before. It is possible to visit any of the locations shown on the map and are not so limited as it was before.

The next, and most evident are the enhancements that have been made in Online mode. Now, you can chat with your friends in a way that is not limited and exchange resources freely with your teammates whenever you need to.

Our character is not in a relationship, but he has a pet, known as Raven. Raven isn’t going to be much help in your quest however, it makes you feel less lonely. Being with a sweet friend is much better than being on your own, isn’t it?

The menu contains items that have been that are crafted or collected in the course of playing. They are classified according to Survival, Cooking, Chemistry Sewing, Mechanics Blacksmithing. The Blacksmithing part is new in the Premium version. In these warehouses that are classified, you can store the items of your character without worrying about losing the items.


The once-grand cities are now a wilderness. It is now monitored by numerous familiar, yet strange creatures. There is the chance to wander and explore the area. Additionally, you can hunt animals for food you can save yourself from the times when hunger is the main concern. Be careful, however, as even a tiny mouse could cause you a lot of injuries.

Through these challenges and difficulties overcome, you can boost your imagination and your intelligence by developing a variety of new weapons. They will aid you in fighting the vilest adversaries. The blacksmith’s skills mechanic, for instance. can be utilized to create potions, swords, and other items. Your recipes are kept and can be your treasure. It is possible to sell it for cash or trade it in if you believe it’s essential.

In addition to making weapons for combat and other weapons, you must also experiment with the design of vehicles you create for transport. With the leftover materials in nature, you can utilize all the knowledge you have about physical chemistry and physics to make your final products. The abandoned structures are the ideal location for you to conceal yourself and implement your ideas.

Does Day R Premium require a lot of effort to play?

It’s a bit difficult to play, making it one of the most difficult games. A variety of challenges await you to face in the game including hunger, illness and radioactive poisons, zombies enemies, severe weather and wild animals, monsters… There’s a lot to be worried about. player’s disjointed memory makes things complicated as if you were surrounded by fog that is thick and dense.

Explore the endless possibilities of crafting tools

It’s normal for you to have a basic understanding of craft when you’re in a chaotic world. This being said, in Day R Premium, players will be able to utilize their creativity to make amazing things.

With the many materials are available in all sorts of places gamers can make amazing things that will help in this conflict-ridden world. This being said you can discover the infinite possibilities of Day R Premium and create various kinds of craft. Discover hundreds of fantastic crafting recipes, increase your skills to unlock new craft options, and more.


The world of Day R Premium has an open world. Multiplayer online across five continents can be connected with you. You join forces with other players to save this virtual universe from death, hunger radiation, and others. Certain monsters are massive in size and force. It is possible that you will not be able to save yourself. This is why your fellow players are called. Everyone discussed the strategy for attack attentively before heading to the field.

It is a premium version. Day R Premium is the same as the initial chat feature that allows online players to participate participating in battles. But, the latest improvement is that you won’t experience any limitations when chatting. This is your chance to meet new acquaintances from all over the globe. While doing so it’s also an opportunity to learn and develop useful tactics and lessons. If you feel it is necessary, you may offer to swap weapons and items with the enemy to accomplish your goal.

If it’s this difficult, is it worth investing so much time in?

Yes, indeed. The sense of survival that comes with this game has gotten much more intense greater than zombie survival games that you’ve played previously. The danger, the unpredictable, and the challenge come slowly. It is not possible to survive with speed or the use of many guns. Since, out of fighting, there is a myriad of tasks to perform to keep your existence in this bleak world.

Begin a thrilling adventure through the wide world

In the dark realm, The players will be traveling across a variety of lands within the vast Russian. Begin to meet new friends and become involved in their tales and explore a variety of exciting quests, and aid your friends. You never know, you could require their assistance shortly, if you’ve been able to make acquaintances with them. Read the compelling stories as you slowly uncover the mysteries of your broken memories.


Day R Premium gives users an interactive map system. It’s like having an inseparable object in a deserted setting such as this. Everything was falling apart and it was difficult to determine the location. With the map, players can easily communicate with their friends, locate them more easily. The game allows access to all kinds of colors on the map. It is a premium version.

Game modes

Day R Premium features 4 game options: Sandbox, Real Life, Super Hard, and Online.

Sandbox is an apprentice mode, where you can barely die, which is fantastic for those who are new to the game.

Real-life scenarios are more challenging. Just like in the real world, and with one bad decision you could end up paying for it with your life. You’ll notice the area around you alter with the seasons. Each day you’ll traverse an entire map from the Soviet Union with more than 2,700 towns and cities both large and small. This game is suitable for players who have experience.

for the Super hard mode, The name is enough to describe it. Only experts in the field would dare to experiment with it. Perhaps you could test it yourself. Why not try to test your limitations?

When you play in Online Mode, join with other players online to fight for survival in this world of Youkai.


Its gameplay is usually very simple, which means it can be enjoyed by all types of players. It doesn’t matter if you are just being introduced to an acquaintance or an expert player in the game genre, you can weigh. The game lets you select from three different difficulty levels, ranging from Sandbox to real life, and online.

Play online with excitement

To make the game more thrilling, players are also exposed to thrilling and addictive online gaming. This means that you can play in the fun cooperative mode along with your fellow players. Get together and take on the dangerous monsters and zombies who are at your doorstep.

To help you out, Day R Premium also has online chat, which will allow players to easily talk to each other in battle. Additionally, you can swap your items to ensure that you both make the most of the items you’ve got. Discover the massively multiplayer game of survival in Day R Premium.

If you’d rather play against other gamers online in thrilling survival games. Compete against the top survival experts around the globe.

Audio and graphics

Music that is featured in Day R Premium is quite odd for post-apocalyptic games. It’s sad, low, and sometimes a bit cruel. With such a background, you are aware of there are many dangers to be aware of. The sound that is generated when objects are collected is well-designed and can enhance the enjoyment of playing. These sounds are the sound of small spiritual inspiration, encouraging people who are in a state of despair.

As with the music, the graphics seem a sad tiny bit, especially when they’re nostalgic brown images, as well as 2D drawings. The game’s elements are intricate 3D models. As you upgrade yourself as well as your equipment with numerous important and powerful items these drawings will eventually become regular, vibrant 3D graphics. They’ll help you to keep your energy up I’m sure. You’ll be amazed by the shape of your character altering step-by-step and being able to feel the energy and strength that he slowly gains as he completes the various quests within the game.

What’s New in Recent Update:


Some bugs fixed

Daily quests
Enemies threat level added
Updated battle interface
Updated battlefield maps
Added new battlefield objects
Updated shop interface
Added patrols for bandit bases in cities
Increased GAZ-66 capacity

What Users Saying About Day R Premium

Very challenging, good for those who like survival. The only thing to do is not to die while enjoying the game, like spending time chat with other survivor. The graphic and the gameplay is good. I suggest adding battery saving mode for long time play. Overall is good, this game is not pay to win. You can gain item through daily quest and ads. Things that keep me coming back is because the community and an event like halloween and christmas.

This is just an amazing survival game that is extremely well made. I’ve had it for over several years and still cant stop playing it. Quick add: I didnt know how else to contact a developer but I’ve had a problem with the hand pump mission. I’ve been searching around the area for about a week and cant find it in any building.

This game is really good! It has a great story and the gameplay a fun. The game also is not that pay to win or pay to progress either like most mobile games. The game does a great job giving you a sense of accomplishment like upgrading to a better weapon or finally getting a vehicle. I remember the old combat system when its all based on chance, now the combat system now is way better now.

Features Of Day R Premium Mod Apk

  • MOD V1: Unlimited Money
  • MOD V2: Free Shopping + FreeCraft

How to Download, Install, and Use Day R Premium Mod Apk?

  1. First of all, you have to uninstall the current Day R Premium Game from your smartphone.
  2. Then download the Day R Premium Mod Apk from the download link below.
  3. After downloading the Day R Premium mod apk file, go to your Android Settings > Security.
  4. Here, turn on the ‘Unknown Sources’ option which asks to allow permission for installing third-party apps. Enable it.
  5. Now, return back to the download folder and click on the Day R Premium Mod APK file to start the installation.
  6. Enjoy!

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Day R Premium MOD APK v1.808


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