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Apex Legends Mobile MOD APK (ALL Unlocked) Latest Version

Name Apex legends Mobile
ID com.ea.gp.apexlegendsmobilefps&hl
Publisher Electronics Arts
Version 1.3.672.546
MOD Features All Unlocked
Size 2GB
Requires Android 5.5+
Price FREE
Updated On August 31, 2023 (9 months ago)
Table of contents
  1. Features Of Apex Legends Mobile
    1. Legends In Apex legends Mobile
    2. Map
  2. What’s New in Recent Update:
  3. What Users Saying About Apex Legends Mobile 
  4. How to Download, Install, and use Valorent Moblie
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If you are looking for Apex Legends Mobile Mod Apk or If you want the Hack Version of Apex Legends Mobile Game With All Unlocked. then you are here at the right place, in this post we will share with you Apex Legends Mobile MOD APK (ALL Unlocked) Latest Version

Apex Legends Mobile is an innovative and exciting action shooter game available on the market right now. While playing this game experience, everyone is a hero and becomes a legend. It is a first-person as well as a third-person shooter. In addition, it will help by creating unique combat strategies in the battlegrounds. Everyone will be involved in intense battles in which life is the main thing for all. Let’s show the world that you’re the most powerful player.

Features Of Apex Legends Mobile

At present, Apex Legends Mobile is currently being tested in a variety of versions and with a very small amount of players. This is why you’re lucky to be among the few who participated in the game’s test. Join now to be one of the very first players to join this platform for games. This game brings together a variety of players into a single game because the level of competition is high. Legends from all over the world are in the arenas to battle each other.

The aim is to achieve fame and an amount of wealth. In this arena, every player can pick their favorite legends to their team which includes people like soldiers, outlaws, or even criminals. The strategy in every game is crucial to assist players to succeed. It will help to choose a hero who matches your personal style. Then, you can easily modify and build your character using the unique interface that is provided by the game’s engine. Every player must have an imaginative mindset to fight the rapid pace of battle. In addition, you must create a team of two players and then work on the blending of skills to build the most formidable team.

Legends In Apex legends Mobile

This isn’t like PUBG where all you have to depend on is your own character, in Apex mythology, players are required to participate in teams since the mechanics aren’t able to allow individual games. In reality, there are 3 different players on each team each with their own distinct traits and roles in the fight.

There will be a medic to revive and heal your team members and the trapper who lures enemies to their death and the tanker to take losses, the scout collecting information and vision as well as several other legends who play different functions.

Because each legend has distinct abilities and skills as a team, you and your colleagues should make the most of their collective power to reap the benefits. Learn about the various meta and strategies to find the most effective team arrangement for your group of friends and you.

  • Bangalore (Real Name: Anita Williams, 35) Bangalore is a great soldier. Born into a family with 5 brothers, who were part of IMC. IMC army, the woman soon demonstrated her exceptional fighting abilities and was able to become the most effective soldier in the force. Anita’s primary weapon is the rocket launcher. She is able to move with ease and has the ultimate ability: call for assistance to bomb the air forces.
  • Bloodhound: There’s no information on the character. The character that can track the trail and detect players and the most elusive skill is Beast of the Hunt. He is the ultimate bloodthirsty hunter.
  • Caustic (Real name: Alexander Nox, 48) The most brilliant researcher in Humbert Labs, a master of the use of toxic gas. The majority of his abilities are based on Nox and he loves to utilize Nox to build traps and explosives.
  • Gibraltar (Real Name: Makoa Gibraltar 30,) Gibraltar is a good person and enjoys helping others. Makoa’s ability to create an armor to shield his friends and himself.
  • Lifeline (Real Name: Ajay Che, 24) When Gibraltar serves as the defense of your team Lifeline is regarded as the doctor on the team. As Soraka as well as Zilean from LOL, Lifeline has the capability to treat AOE and revive her friends as well as many necessary medications.
  • Mirage (Real name: Elliott Witt, 30)
  • It is called Pathfinder (Name: MRVN, age unknown) The robot is able to leap a distance, and make hook wires to aid the team move effortlessly across the terrain.
  • Wraith: The only witch in the game at present moment. She is able to conceal herself, recognize danger, and, most importantly, the ability to make a shortcut that allows all the team members to move quickly to any place.


  • At the moment I’m writing this piece, Apex Legends Mobile has only one map: Kings Canyon. In total, the area can accommodate 60 players. In terms of style, Kings Canyon is designed with a wide range of terrains and landscapes. It is possible to loot items from factories, shoot at the top of a building, leap down to escape, or fight through the forest destroyed by conflict. In addition, there are numerous hills, caves, and forests… to ensure that players can come across new strategies.

Through regular updates to the seasons, players are assured of continuous support from the developer to enhance their experience overall. The game’s gameplay and mechanics will be improved in the coming years. Additionally, you’ll be able to access the latest features as well as legends often to keep the game thrilling. In addition, new maps that incorporate new features will be made available for you to explore.

What’s New in Recent Update:


  • Changed the application icon.
  • Fixed some bugs.

What Users Saying About Apex Legends Mobile 

This game is really really big. Many characters. Cannon and not cannon. Lots of events and free things. Amazing characters. It makes you think. Team building and a lot of fun. Only compliant is that they’re things that it doesn’t tell you. So you either have to look it up or learn it. Other than that it is an amazing game and if you like valorent recommend it. The animation has progressed so thats something to take into consideration.

My god, have I never played a more fun mobile game. It’s simple, collect characters and get them stronger but the way they do it is so smart that’s it’s astonishing how well it is. There’s so many characters, some I don’t know and I’m a die-hard fan. The controls are simple, menus get straight to the point and it’s overall a 5-Star Game. I really have 0 complaints over this game since it’s so well done.

Super good game. It gives so many opportunities for Valorent even if you don’t buy them. Playing the game is fun and keeps you busy with plenty of events and a story line. The animations are also amazing for super attacks and the active skill voice acting is very good. My only gripe is that the space it takes up on phones is so immense that soon, i’ll have to stop playing until I can upgrade my storage.

How to Download, Install, and use Valorent Moblie

  • First of all, you have to uninstall the current Apex Legends Mobile Game from your smartphone.
  • Then download the Apex Legends Mobile from the download link below.
  • After downloading the Apex Legends Mobile apk file, go to your Android Settings > Security.
  • Here, turn on the ‘Unknown Sources’ option which asks to allow permission for installing third-party apps. Enable it.
  • Now, return back to the download folder and click on the Apex Legends Mobile APK file to start the installation.
  • Enjoy!

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